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Filming in San Pedro
Lights, camera action! Cars racing, people running, vintage costumed extras strolling and film superstar Will Smith lifting cars to rescue the victims of a train wreck! San Pedro has long served as a location for film, television, music videos and commercials. Many of our landmarks, streets, businesses and natural vistas have been deemed perfect for use as Hollywood's back lot. Some of the many films shot here over the years; the 1933 "King Kong" at Cabrillo Beach, 1974 "Chinatown" at Point Fermin and Sunken City, 2001 "Pearl Harbor" at 6th St, the Warner Grand, Angels Gate and the Lane Victory, and 2004 "50 First Dates" at Cabrillo Beach, just to mention a few.

In 2007, we saw filming at Harbor Boulevard and 6th St. for Will Smith's movie "Hancock", the 6th St Arcade Building for Steve Carrell in "Get Smart", 6th Street for television's ongoing "Criminal Minds", "Journeyman" and "Dexter".  Many in the neighborhood recently watched a speeding car driven by a chicken rounding corners at various locations for a Wendy's commercial!!!
To find out more about filming in San Pedro, download our pdf booklet, Hollywood in San Pedro

Visiting San Pedro
The community of San Pedro has many outstanding places to visit including fabulous beaches bordering the Pacific Ocean, the Port of Los Angeles, parks, historical monuments, museums, aquariums, restaurants, shopping, and the historical downtown area. It is also a culturally rich area featuring artists galleries and theatrical venues.

The following general interest web sites will help you discover the uniqueness that is the community of San Pedro.

Exploring San Pedro, an interactive map of local sites/attractions
San Pedro
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