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The San Pedro Chamber of Commerce's Honorary Mayor Campaign is an opportunity for everyone to give back to our community. Through the campaign, candidates raise funds for local non-profit organizations and for Chamber-sponsored community events. The candidate who raises the most funds is declared the Honorary Mayor of San Pedro for two years and will resepectfully represent the Chamber at community events and meetings.

Meet the Candidates for 2017-2019! 

 Jeannine Bryant

I believe that growing up in San Pedro cultivates a deep sense of pride in one's community and a competitive spirit that is second to none.  As a child, I embraced all the beautiful things about San Pedro and felt very connected to the heart and soul that makes it so unique.  Although my family moved away when I was in middle school, I returned to raise my daughter so that she could experience the San Pedro that I loved and that this town might embrace her like it did me and instill in her the sense of belonging and community that I felt as a child. 

During her formative years, I was so focused on raising my daughter and working, that between sports and school, I rarely looked outside of my circumstances to enjoy the City that I was so determined to return to. 

Like many of us, a few years ago, I was awakened with a renewed spirit for community involvement and service.  My daughter is an adult now and my focus has shifted from practice and sleep overs to clean ups and community events.  This renewed energy and focus is why I entered the race for Honorary Mayor; it provides a platform to give back exponentially to the community I love.  I am very humbled to represent the charities that have partnered with me in this race, as they are the community leaders and true stewards of "A Brighter San Pedro".  I am honored to contribute in any way to their efforts.

Jeannine's Charities:

The LAPD Harbor Division Boosters, Harbor Interfaith, 

and The International Mom's Club of San Pedro.


Ann Carpenter

Ann Carpenter first came to San Pedro to live on a sailboat at Cabrillo Marina. Thanks to the San Pedro "vortex," she never left. For the past 25 years, she also grew her businesses in San Pedro.


Ann is "bilingual" in engineering and marketing. As CEO of Braid Theory, she and her team work with technology entrepreneurs to build strategic relationships with industry partners. The company is dedicated to growing the tech startup community in Southern California. Prior to founding Braid Theory, Ann was Director of Marketing for the non-profit business incubator, PortTech Los Angeles.


But many in the community know Ann best through her graphic design and marketing firm, S'Pacific Image. Her clients have included numerous organizations in the Harbor area, including the San Pedro Chamber of Commerce, Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, Port of Los Angeles High School, Grand Vision Foundation, and Marymount California University.

Raised in Detroit, Ann moved to California after graduating from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. She started her career in the aerospace industry as a software programmer. 

Ann is a long-time Chamber member. Her dedication to education is evidenced in volunteer activities which include:  ITEP Advisory Board of Directors, Banning High School PATHS program; past Board Treasurer of Port of Los Angeles High School; and Entrepreneur Advisor for CSU Long Beach. 

True to her life-long love of the ocean, Ann met her husband David while kayaking along the San Pedro coast. Their son, Zeke, attended Park Western Place Elementary and Dana Middle School. He's now a Junior at the California Academy of Math and Science. 

Ann chose AltaSea as her designated non-profit as it embodies her personal passions... a deep love of the ocean, the importance of science, the value of hands-on learning, and the desire to employ technologies to help solve our planet's greatest challenges.

(Please check the "honorary mayor" box at the end of the altasea donation page.)

Domenic Costa

Domenic Costa was born and raised in San Pedro, attending Mary Star Elementary and High School.  He started his teaching and coaching career at Washington Preparatory High School in Los Angeles.  After nine years, San Pedro High School asked him to come coach and teach there.  He was honored to coach with the legendary Mike Walsh.  During all of that time he and his wife, Pam Costa, had two phenomenal children, Lauren and Jacob.  He has cherished watching his children grow and succeed.  After 21 years at San Pedro High School, he moved on to Angel's Gate High School; he has taught and mentored the students there from 2013 to the present. 

He was blessed to be asked by Coach Corey Miller, the newly appointed head football coach at San Pedro High School, to come back and be the head JV football coach.  He takes pride in showing players the importance of being strong, responsible, and ethical young men on and off the field.

Overcoming a bout with cancer inspired Dom to create a legacy of football, entrepreneurship, and coaching videos on his youtube Channel, "Coach Dom Costa." He lives his motto of "Hustle and Grind" everyday and he refers to his Costa Family Mission Statement: "I will coach others to greatness by my example and word and therefore coach myself to those same heights of Achievement, Fulfillment, Wonder and Peace!"

Domenic is fundraising for the following charities:

Port of Los Angeles High School,  San Pedro High Football,

and San Pedro Boys and Girls Club

Article Posted: 2/17/2017
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